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Welcome to Arista Travels Pvt Ltd

Arista Travels Pvt Ltd was perceived by Ms Sangeeta Malhotra during the winter of Prague in 2005. She was duly supported by her father Mr BM Malhotra in setting up the firm after his retirement from Indian Navy as guidance force. She started the company in Dec-2006 and wished to bring in the professionalism, discipline, service quality & commitments of Europe & Singapore in the travel industry. This vision has paid off and now with around 10 years of experience behind them, Arista Travels Pvt Ltd is highly rated company which is working with biggest of the names in the corporate world and more than 70,000 satisfied customers.

In short span, Arista Travels earned prestigious clients which included Manufacturers, MNCs, Banks and Indian Government offices, Arista earned a unique due to its excellent operational support system in ticketing, Cruises, Visa services, Conferences, Incentives & Events of the corporate.

Arista Travels Pvt Ltd: Established in Dec-2006 is a Travel Management Company which provides expertise in Ticketing, Packages, Visa facilitations, Travel Insurances etc, along with corporate handling. Arista Travels is rated as one of the leading travel management companies in the corporate world today.


Today, the company has grown from 1 employee in 2006 to 22 in 2016. A competent team in all the verticals and professional management have ensured that it has grown in leaps and bounds, and has the distinction of having retained its clients through these years.

Journey So Far:

Arista Travels takes stride on their almost 10 year journey and the support it has received from the Clients, Agents & Corporate along with suppliers, Vendors, Air Lines, Embassies & Consulates. Numerically, we have scored excellent results with the following snapshot:

  • Corporate – More than 15 currently associated with us
  • Clients – More than 70,000 satisfactory clients, and we take pride in every repetitions
  • Agents – More than 70 agents are associated with us from all across India
  • Offices in India, Singapore & Bali
Why Arista Travels:

What makes one choose a travel partner? Probably for its subject matter expertise & reliability. One chooses a travel company based on their sense of comfort, rapport, and niche along with factors like value for money, helpful and committed staff that goes out of the way to get the best packages & deals for you who are looking for promptness in response and personalized services. Arista Travels offers high range of services as per customer requirements and satisfactions. We believe in delivering for the clients and ensure end to end operations till they happily return home back with tons of memories. This is executed with highly coordinated efforts from the followings and this puts us in different league where issuance is the only target, and never its execution. All of this is result of the following factors:

  • Competent Staff : Knowledgeable and committed staff that goes the extra mile to deliver the best to you.
  • One-stop-shop : Arista caters to all the travel related services like tickets, packages, hotel bookings, bus and car bookings, Travel Insurance, Visa facilitations, Forex, SIM cards & all major and luxury cruises.
  • Technological Edge : We have implemented all the possible technologies to make best efforts to deliver & communicate. Arista is having portals for Visa, and tons of other information in its websites. All the three companies are having their websites with vertical related info.
  • Market Leader : Always In Touch with the regular updates, newsletters and alerts that keep you on the top with all the relevant communication.
  • Value for Money : Best, negotiated deals for hotels, vacation packages and cruises that bring you the best value for your money. We treat others money as our money with savings in all the bookings.
  • Network Support : Extensive network that offers you 24X7 emergency contacts and local support in all of our destinations, apart from 24X7 support by the team in India as well.Arista Travels has separate teams for Leisure & Corporate travels, as we believe these two requires different expertise.
Team Arista:

If one name goes by Arista than that’s single name is Sangeeta Malhotra, supported by her father Mr. BM Malhotra, both are the directors in the company. Apart from this Team Arista has 18 staff, with various specializations and subject matter experts.

Leisure Travel

Arista Travels pioneers in the Premium & non Premium Customised Holidays for both international and domestic segments. A niche brand aimed at serving the new-age traveller who’s looking at qualitative, value-added holidays for himself and his loved ones an exquisite holiday experience with
no parallel. We cover all the locations across world and specialize in many exotic and Island based destinations. Apart from this we cater all other services like Ticketing, Visa facilitation, Insurance etc.

Packages : Arista Travels has wide range of domestic and International packages which suites to ones customised requirements. We maintain wide list of options for all the regions of the globe including Antarctica.

Cruises : Arista Travels has tie ups with all major cruises of the world and offers widest range of cruises under one roof. Major cruise liners included are:

Hotel Reservations : Arista Travels has local contracts with various hotels in India and abroad, apart from this it has access to all the major hotel aggregators which helps in providing us the best rates to our valuable clients.

Transfers : If one has done its own flight booking and hotel bookings by getting tempted on the cheap offers, we can still add on to your holidays by adding extra services like air port transfers and sightseeing, thus enabling one to focus on the holidays rather than wasting time on finding out the deals and places along with standing on the long queues.

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed every moment rather than applying time on saving money or planning.

Visa Facilitations: Arista Travels provides visa facilitation services of all the countries of the world and it’s recognised by various countries including prestigious schengen countries. Our in house expertise team adds to the value and ensures each case is applied to its best.

Foreign Exchange Services: Arista Travels has tie ups with leading FOREX service providers and caters to Foreign Currencies, Forex Cards & Travel related remittances. Rates are B2B thus we remove the unnecessary layer to benefit the clients directly.

EU Rail Bookings: Eurail, which is one the best and the most famous rail systems in the world offers nearly 5,000 options to suit your precise travel plan and budget. Depending on the countries you want to discover Europe by train and planning a Europe rail tour, you can buy EUrail passes / Euro rail tickets in India sitting right here in Delhi as per your requirements. Euro Train Tickets can be bought from our office here in India on a confirmed basis.

Corporate & Business Travel

Corporate travel is all about business & business, nothing less or more. Arista travels bring in the convenience in booking executions, and offers the wealth of information in the form of reporting to keep a tab on the travel patterns, spends and quantum. We in Arista Travels have the conviction that corporate travel requires tacit understanding on ones individual needs.

Why with Arista
  • Understanding our Clients:- Every client is different and each of his travel is unique, we not only understand that but value it, and deliver it accordingly.
  • Travel Expense Management:- Streamline the process of controlling and administering staff and business expenses. We collate the travel data and process it to offer transparency and greater control. Our systems seamlessly integrate all information into simple and effective solutions that work towards corporate advantage. Expense management with Arista Travels allows you policy compliance while ensuring travel cost control.
  • Travel Management Services:- Arista Travels has evolved as Travel Management company rather than a Travel Agency. We at Arista functions in managing a company’s strategic approach to travel policies, the negotiations with all vendors, day-to-day operation of the corporate travel program, meeting management, traveller safety and security.
  • Return on Investment:- Corporate Travel is all about the principles of ROI, for every penny a corporate allocates to their travel management spend, Arista Travels will return a percentage of this spend back in cost savings.
Functional Scopes & Expertise
    We cover all the aspects of corporate requirements as follows:

  • Railway Ticketing
  • Airline Ticketing – Domestic & International
  • Global Hotel Reservations
  • Transfer arrangements
  • Travel Insurances – Short term and long term
  • Currency / FOREX requirements
  • Visa facilitations for all countries
  • Meeting Managements
  • Conferences

Arista Travels believes that we are not only travel solutions for corporate & clients, we are partners in success and growth of their business. We care for your profits and savings and are driven by a desire to create value for all our customers.